domain name was acquired in July 2000 for $2,125,000. Here’s how to discover more big deals!


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Before we go to the new charts, I want to tell you about some big previously unreleased historical domain sales that were discovered since our last report. This came about after the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) launched a new full text search engine that gives researchers access to corporate documents going all the way back to the year 2000. Previously, you couldn't go further back than the past four years. We learned about this new development from George Kirikos, the master of uncovering previously unknown blockbuster sales. George immediately put the new search function to work and found documentation of a $2,125,000 sale of in 2000 (we didn't start tracking, documenting and charting domain sales until the fall of 2003).

George found many other notable sales that he shared on his blog at, along with news about the SEC's expanded search engine capabilities. That prompted others to start digging too and allowed James Iles to uncover a $1.3 million sale of that Sedo made in 2006 (it was likely under an NDA at the time bit SEC filings are public records). NameBio discovered that was sold by Symmetricom to Deutsche Telekom in 2007 for $700,000 and DomainInvesting's Elliot Silver dug up a $500,000 sale of in 2004. Kirikos also found a document that indicates was purchased by Insurance Acquisition Corp. for $385,000 in 2015.